Driver's Education

This course consists of both the 30-hour classroom instruction as well as the 6-hour behind-the-wheel instruction.

With COVID-19, our 30-hour classroom instruction will be held through zoom and the cost for the 30-hour zoom class is $125. 

For the 6-Hours of driving, due to COVID-19 we are about 4-5 month behind driving your student after their 15th birthday. You do not pay the $265 for driving until we have your child scheduled to drive. This gives you the freedom to drive with another company should they be able to get in somewhere else sooner. 

$125+$265    = $390

Got a Ticket?

*Service will resume after 01/01/2021*

By taking a Driver Improvement Course, you may reduce the number of points on your license and save money on insurance



*Service will resume after 01/01/2021*

If you completed the 30-hour classroom instruction somewhere else and just need the 6-hour driving instruction to complete Driver's Ed, this is for you.


General Driving Instruction

*Service will resume after 01/01/2021*

This option is for individuals who would like time behind-the-wheel for extra training or in preparation of the driving portion of the DMV license test. Must have a valid NC driver's license or Learner's Permit.

*2 Hour Minimum


$50.00/Hr. Two Hour minimum

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